Code of conduct

The Code of Conduct for Equal Access in Music

It is time for collective action to promote diversity and ensure that everyone can achieve equal access to the music scene. The music scene needs to include all talents, so that everyone can realise their full professional and artistic potential.
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The entire music industry must get into action

We need the entire value chain of music to get into action if we are to reverse the trend. Hence, we invite the leadership level of all professional companies and organisations in Danish music to show commitment and actively promote the Code of Conduct for Equal Access in Music.

By aligning with the code, you demonstrate support for change in your internal and external activities. Finally, you commit to measure on your efforts and to report annually on progress and results.

The six principles in brief

Six principles

Bias-conscious managers and employees

You commit to training managers and staff to work with and challenge their own stereotypes and prejudices to counteract ingrained, limiting beliefs.

Broad representation in gatekeeper roles

You strive to achieve broad representation in positions and at decision-making levels that function as gatekeepers who exercise special power in relation to assessments, distributions of support and prize awards, bookings and job appointments.

Role models and idols

You commit to working with diverse role models and idols in your internal and external activities.

A safe, inclusive culture

You commit to defining and fostering a safe, inclusive culture and working environment where no one is discriminated against.

Professionalisation of the organisation or enterprise

You commit to establishing, implementing and maintaining the processes and guidelines required to make your management levels, processes, structures and operations more professional.

Data and transparency

You commit to measuring your efforts and to annually follow up and report on your activities and results in order to ensure progress and transparency.
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Activity catalogue for inspiration

The purpose of the activity catalogue is to inspire action that will make the principles of the code as concrete as possible. There is not a one-size fits all, so how to practically implement of the code, will vary for each organisation and company.

However, results require a systematic effort, and each organization or company should therefore develop a clear plan for how it will reach its goals.

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