Equal access in music

We are working to promote fair and equal access to opportunities in music so everyone can realise their full professional potential – whether in a creative, performing or managerial role, on-stage or back-stage.

Everyone should have a level playing field and equal access to the opportunities that the music scene can offer – in the private sector and other sectors of the industry alike. As an industry, we have a joint obligation to ensure both equal treatment and to prevent discrimination.

While we have a responsibility to act, we also have an opportunity to challenge status quo in order to drive innovative thinking and value creation in the industry. Ensuring diversity in the talent pool in music will also support diversity in terms of genres, instruments, aesthetics, and products, as well as support the conditions for an innovative, competitive industry.

Action across the industry

We need every part of the music industry to act if we are to change the current track – from music schools to venues and music companies.

We therefore invite all organisations and companies from the Danish music scene, whatever size, to sign up to the Code of Conduct for Equal Access in Music and start acting for change.

By signing up to the Code, you demonstrate support for its six principles, and you commit to champion the needed changes both in your internal and external activities.

Read more about the Code here