The Partnership for Sustainable Development in Music presents at SPOT+

This year’s SPOT+ conference zoomed in on sustainability through inspiring presentations from a range of industry experts. The presentations were facilitated by the The Partnership for Sustainable Development in Music, Grønnere Musik and Another Life, in collaboration with Promus.

On Friday morning at SPOT+, the event began by addressing a sensitive topic: mental health and well-being in the music industry. Based on a staggering statistic that musicians generally have three times higher risk of developing anxiety and depression compared to the rest of the population, Dr. George Musgrave spoke about a new Danish study initiated by the partnership. Together with renowned music researcher Sally Anne Gross, they will attempt to understand the challenges and possible solutions in a Danish context.

“Denmark is known globally for being one of the happiest countries, so how does it affect the mental health of Danish creative and performing musicians? Regardless of what we discover, it will be truly interesting,” said Dr. George Musgrave at SPOT+.

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Speaker at spot+

Minorities in the music industry

Later in the day, Alexander Engel from the initiative Restage gave presentation on the representation of minorities in the music industry. Engel highlighted the importance of diverse role models and collaboration with local communities to ensure a more inclusive industry.

Furthermore, the Code of Conduct for Equal Access in Music was presented at the conference by the Above and Beyond Group. They presented tools for getting started by taking one step or principle at a time and having the courage to take risks and make mistakes.

speak about mental health in the music business

Green transition and social sustainability

During the afternoon, the green transition of the music industry was explored by Grønnere Musik, while Another Life highlighted how social sustainability and economic bottom lines can go hand in hand.

The Partnership for Sustainable Development in Music is thankful and excited for an enlightening conference that placed significant emphasis on the sustainability agenda.