The partnership is supported by Velliv Foreningen

The partnership receives generous support from Velliv Foreningen for its efforts to uncover challenges and find solutions that can strengthen well-being in the music industry.

The grant from Velliv Foreningen supports our research project on mental health and well-being, titled ‘When Music Speaks,’ conducted in collaboration with researchers from University of Westminster. Velliv Foreningen specifically supports the second half of the project, in which the researchers conduct in-depth interviews with a broad range of stakeholders and music creators in Denmark. They also develop their final recommendations and proposed solutions for the Danish music industry.

The results of the research will serve as the basis for the next phase of the project. In collaboration with interested stakeholders, the Partnership for Sustainable Development in Music will facilitate the development of new industry solutions aimed at strengthening mental health and well-being in the Danish music scene. The results will be shared and communicated widely to increase awareness of the issues and how positive change can be achieved across the music industry.

Read more about the first part of the study here

About Velliv Foreningen

Velliv Foreningen owns the pension fund Velliv. A portion of the profit funds charitable projects for mental health in the workplace. These funds are open to applications from all companies, associations, and organisations. Velliv Foreningen has three annual application rounds.